China Good quality High Quality Universal Joint for Russian Vehicles, Lada, Niva, Gazel, Kamaz (540-2201025)

Product Description

A Universal joint,; U-joint,; Cross joint,; or Cardan joint,; is a joint or coupling in a rigid rod that allows the rod to ‘bend’ in any direction,; and is commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion,; is used for transmission systems of cars,; buses,; trucks,; and tractors.;
Product Details:;
Product:; Universal Joint.;
Material:; 20Cr or 20CrMnTi.;
Hardness:; HRC58-64.;
Brand:; 818 or OEM service.;
Packing:; Plastic bag,; color/white box,; carton,; wood pallet.;
Sample policy:; Free sample,; freight collect.;
New Century universal joints are machined to meet or exceed original equipment standards.; Each u-joint part is precision-ground to the strictest tolerances,; with quality control inspections at every step of the manufacturing process.;

1.;All parts must be completely cleared before final assembly ,;free of iron chippings,; greasy dirt ,;dusts etc

2.;Filled with #2 automobile grease in the assembly 

3.;Needle must be run properly after assembly .;Needle block,;needle drop not allowed 

4.;Prevent rust ,;prevent collision 
5.;High strength steel crosses are forged to meet or exceed OE
New Century  Service:;
1.; Customized and designed according to the customers’ sample,; drawing or requirements
2.; Following the customers’ requirements or as our usual packing
3.; High quality and competitive price and pure-hearted service.;
4.; Strictly quality control according to ISO9 19 44.;6 A 23.;84 61.;24 A 28 70.;9 B 28 37.;2 B 4 28 52.;2 B 30 55 A 53A-2257125-10 35 98 I 39 118 I 39 118 I 5 50 135 A 50 135 I 53205-22 0571 1 50 155 A 4310-22 0571 1 50 155 A 6520-22 0571 1   57 152 I 62 173 A 72 185

Structure: Single
Material: Alloy Steel
Type: Universal Joint
Size: 62*173
Material:20cr: 20cnmnti
Quality Control: ISO9001:2008


Customized Request

How do you choose the right size universal joint for your application?

Choosing the right size universal joint for a specific application involves considering several factors to ensure proper function and performance. Here are key steps to guide you in selecting the appropriate size:

  1. Identify the application requirements: Determine the specific requirements of your application, such as the maximum torque, speed, angular misalignment, and operating conditions. Understanding these parameters will help in selecting a universal joint that can handle the demands of your application.
  2. Shaft sizes and connection type: Measure the diameter and type of the shafts that need to be connected by the universal joint. Ensure that the joint you choose has compatible connection options for the shafts, such as keyways, splines, or smooth bores.
  3. Load capacity: Consider the load capacity or torque rating of the universal joint. It should be capable of handling the maximum torque expected in your application without exceeding its rated capacity. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for load ratings.
  4. Operating speed: Take into account the operating speed of your application. Universal joints have speed limitations, and exceeding these limits can result in premature wear, heat generation, and failure. Ensure that the selected joint can handle the required rotational speed without compromising performance.
  5. Angular misalignment: Determine the maximum angular misalignment between the shafts in your application. Different types of universal joints have varying degrees of angular misalignment capabilities. Choose a joint that can accommodate the required misalignment while maintaining smooth operation.
  6. Environmental conditions: Assess the environmental conditions in which the universal joint will operate. Consider factors such as temperature, humidity, exposure to chemicals or contaminants, and the presence of vibrations or shocks. Select a joint that is designed to withstand and perform reliably in the specific environmental conditions of your application.
  7. Consult manufacturer guidelines: Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines, catalog, or technical documentation for the universal joint you are considering. Manufacturers often provide detailed information on the selection criteria, including sizing charts, application guidelines, and compatibility tables. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations will ensure proper sizing and compatibility.

By following these steps and considering the specific requirements of your application, you can choose the right size universal joint that will provide reliable and efficient operation in your system.

China Good quality High Quality Universal Joint for Russian Vehicles, Lada, Niva, Gazel, Kamaz (540-2201025)  China Good quality High Quality Universal Joint for Russian Vehicles, Lada, Niva, Gazel, Kamaz (540-2201025)
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